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Our Story

Growing with Purpose

Here at Neighborhood Plants, we absolutely love plants and our plant community, but the love we have for our planet goes even deeper. Our journey and mission is to grow an all-inclusive plant community focused on knowledge sharing, plant & planet education, developing our youth's green thumbs, and offering support to new and seasoned plant enthusiasts alike!


It is our belief that growing a passion for plants will foster one's relationship to nature. Our team is driven by the idea that we all must become stewards of our planet, especially our youth. Thus, we hope to bridge the joy of caring for plants and the sense of duty to preserve our planet for a greener future. We will work hard for our customers so that in the future we may provide educational workshops, resources, and tools to help build an environment where the next generation of plant enthusiasts will be able to develop a "green" heart and join the effort to help our planet thrive. This is our big story that we're hoping to write and what we want Neighborhood Plants to be about - we can't do it without you!

Neighborhood Plants is a San Francisco-Bay Area online plant shop offering a variety of indoor houseplants, themed goods, and plant services with local delivery and curbside pick up. We are partnered with Upstage SF, one of the Bay Area's largest and premier home staging companies, and serve as their in-house live plant staging specialist. We are located in San Francisco's Bayview district, nestled in a cozy corner within Upstage SF's 10,000 sq/ft warehouse. Our weekly curbside pick up schedule includes an Oakland location option, where we'll be able to serve the East Bay community.

Tropical Leaves
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