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Begonia Maculata (from $24)

Begonia Maculata (from $24)


6" Begonia Maculata

Common Names: 'Polka Dot Plant', 'Angle Wing Begonia'

Origin: Brazil, South America


Rumor has it that the Begonia Maculata inspired Christian Louboutin to design his iconic red bottomed shoe to mirror the undersides of this plant. Wow!


The Begonia Maculata is considered to be an easy care plant as long as you're able to provide certain basic conditions for it to thrive. In terms of soil, a potting mix with good aeration and drainage works very well. Allow the soil to remain slightly damp but not overly wet when watering. The Begonia Maculata enjoys humidity so you may mist the leaves daily or provide a pebble tray. Follow these rather simple steps and you'll be rewarded with an interesting statement plant showcasing large angel wing leaves!


Please kindly note:

-Decorative pot sold separately

-Plant shape will slightly vary




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